Spam Me Baby, One More Time

I started using SpamSieve last year after almost throwing in the towel on mail filtering. It’s a nice little background application that works wonders on my incoming email. It has quite literally saved my inbox. I was skeptical at first, but with a 30 day tryout, the people at C-Command obviously believe in their product. After a week, I was sold and paid for a license (only $25).

So a one time fee of $25 has been this effective (stats since the 10th of November 2004):

Filtered Mail
5776 Good Messages
41683 Spam Messages (88%)
396 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
19 False Positives
167 False Negatives (90%)
99.6% Correct

That’s 99.6% accuracy again folks. If you’re on Mac OS X, I suggest getting this now. It works with almost any major email client on the platform and is simply indispensable at this point.

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  1. Waldo Jaquith says:

    SpamAssassin + Mac OS X spam filtering. It's free, it's hot, it's nearly perfect.

  2. Ajl says:

    >>You're absolutely right, epcxet that phpSnatch only assigns the spam score, it's up to you to react to it. It can be done with very few lines of code.The prototype is:object Snatch( string name, string email, string content [, string subject [, string timestamp ]] )< ?phprequire_once 'class.Snatch.php';$m = new Snatch($name, $email, $content);if ($m->spam_points > 3.0) { // Most likely spam!} else { // Not spam.}?>Btw Stffn, your above post got 1.3 points, probably because you didn't provide an email

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