My Year in Cities 2006

I like the idea Jason Kottke did for his list of cities visited in 2006 so I figured I’d do up my own. Per his direction, an asterisk means more than once in the big ’06. The Honor by August fall tour made this list much longer than it would normally have been.

Chicago, IL *
New York City/Long Island, NY *
Boston, MA *
Pittsburgh, PA *
Atlanta, GA
Kill Devil Hills, NC
Charleston, SC
Fredericksburg, VA *
Virginia Beach, VA
Hampton, VA
Yorktown, VA *
Charlottesville, VA *
Raleigh, NC *
Columbia, SC
Charlotte, NC
Greenville, NC
Lancaster, PA *
Wildwood/Cape May, NJ
Baltimore, MD *

Rock. Roll. and lots of miles on the road. Where did you go this year?

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