Paleo Day 7

Paleo Day 7: Breakfast


  • Canned Chicken
  • Apple

Mix it together into that awesomeness.


  • Pork Loin leftovers

Afternoon Snack

  • Almonds

Paleo day 6: Dinner


  • Halibut
  • Asparagus


  • 30 Minutes running
  • Pushups, squats, bicycle crunches

Morning Weight: 225.6 lbs

  1. Esist says:

    Hi Shannon, Did you remember to add the cnucoot flour? You might need to even add a little more than suggested if they were not forming into patties easily before you even fried them. Also, when frying any kind of fish cakes you want to make sure you pan is nice and hot so that they sizzle right when you put them in the pan. This makes them hold together better when they get a nice sear on them right away. Hope that helps!

  2. Larry says:

    Actually they were great! I didh't mention to hubby that they were dinefreft and he ate them right up. A few were a little iffy about holding together while browining but I think I used about 2 pounds of ground beef from the local farmers but only a little almond meal. I am eating leftovers right now for lunch and they taste really good. Not falling apart either. I don't know why using almond meal was such a stumbling block. I previously always used oats but I finally threw all of that out, mostly because that was all I ever used it for except at Christmas for oatmeal cookies (since I haven't had oatmeal or cereal in about 3-4 years), which I didn't even make this year because the molasses crinkles and regular chocolate chunk are the favorites.Stopped at Trader Joe's today after reading some of your recipes (got the salsa verde). I was pleasantly surprised. Before when I'd been to TJ's I was underwhelmed except for them having a good selection of dark chocolate like Valrhona, and I had trouble concentrating since it is sort of like a TJ Max for food. I think I was more patient this time because I didn't need to look up and down every single aisle. I got the pre-cooked uncured bacon idea from you. Also bought a whole free-range organic chicken and uncured center-cut and applewood smoked bacon, and some of their chicken sausages to try, and some nitrite free beef hotdogs. Every now and then I get the urge for one on the grill. I was pleasantly surprised by their prices. The center-cut nitrite free bacon was cheaper than any center-cut bacon at Kroger (e.g., Oscar Meyer, etc.). I usually buy all of my meat at the farmers' market from organic and local producers that I know, but the regular season doesn't start until end of May, and the last winter market was last weekend when I was out of town. Sometimes the bacon is a little saltier than normal from the local farmers, probably because it isn't mass produced.Thanks for the tips. Going to try the roast chicken with just sea salt recipe next.TrailGrrl

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