Rebuilding a Mauser Weekend

!{border:1px solid black;} (The Mauser at the Rivannah Range)!

I spent Memorial Day weekend down outside of Charlottesville as the guinea pig for Jack Landers and Paul Fritz’s new class on rebuilding an old Mauser into a modern deer rifle. Starting off with a K-98, we basically stripped it down to the receiver, got rid of the cosmoline and junk and rebuilt it with a new stock, bent bolt, scope, and trigger. After testing it at the range, we realized the throat erosion meant we were going to have to rebarrel it the following weekend. We just finished that and Paul Fritz emailed us an awesome range report about how his rifle performed.

I’ll be taking mine down to Lafayette Gun Club or the NRA range in the near future to sight it in and see how she shoots. I’m hoping for something similar to Paul’s results.