2011 In Review; 2012: The Year of Shipping It

2011: The year is almost over and looking back, it’s been a pretty good awesome year. I married a wonderful woman in August, moved to LivingSocial in March (via the Infoether acquisition), and moved from The Farm at Oatlands Mill to Alexandria. A lot of work went into The Rails View book for Pragmatic Programmers and I finished a few freelance client sites for EFM, Market Street Advisors, and Guggenheim Securities.

But 2012? I’ve resolved that 2012 will be the year of shipping stuff. There’s far too much stuff sitting around on my hard drive that’s in a partially finished state and it needs to be delivered or abandoned entirely. And to that end:

The 2012 SHIP IT List

  • Relaunch Boboroshi.com
  • Relaunch Meticulous.com, including new MeticulousTalent.com
  • Ship “The Rails View” book including TheRailsView.com site
  • Redesign WeLoveDC responsively
  • Setup a new ongoing site for JohnandWhitney.com
  • Finish the Eden Soundtrack
  • Finish the Rotoscope record
  • Ship the Juniper Lane “Standing on the White Line” record (with remixes)
  • Finish at least a Boboroshi & Kynz EP
  • Ship FlickrFndr, a Flickr/Creative Commons utility
  • Ship the first version of an iOS gardening app

And a few other projects I’ve got on a list on my wall. In addition, I’ve got a lot of training to do on various topics. This may seem agressive and optimistic, but if you shoot for the moon, you at least get into orbit.

New (Old) Boboroshi & Kynz Single in iTunes

!{border:1px solid black;}http://www.boboroshi.com/assets/2010/10/5/bandk_unbearableambient_single_sm.jpg (Album Cover)!

A few years back, Kynz and I released our debut album, Unbearable Bliss, which didn’t actually contain the track Unbearable Bliss. So I finally mixed and mastered it and put it up into numerous digital distribution channels. You can get it in iTunes or also in Rhapsody, Amazon, et al.

Remixing The D.R.A.M.A. Kings

!{border:1px solid black;}http://boboroshi.com/assets/2010/3/12/dramakingsheader.jpg (The DRAMA Kings)!

I did two remixes for the band The D.R.A.M.A. Kings for their new EP. One is a house/techno remix for the song “Caught Up” and the other is a pop/rock remix for the song “Turn It Around”. You can hear the latter on their Facebook Fan page called “Turn It Around (Borealis remix)”.

Regrets: Dave Matthews Band

Many of you know I helped run Nancies.org (which is no more) for 10 years and when I saw this video I was cracking up. Maybe it’s because I already had another band’s back catalog (that band being U2), ensuring that I didn’t suffer this same fate.

"Eden" Pieces Are Live

Phil Rossi has posted a bunch of the Eden podcast at both the CrescentStation site as well as at PodioBooks. I did the soundtrack work for this and while I didn’t get to make as many pieces as I had originally intended due to schedule, it’s still a lot of exciting noisemaking with a good friend of mine. Check it out and while you’re at it, listen to his first podcast novel, “Crescent” as well.

And End (has|is) a Start

Here’s what just went up on the HBA blog on MySpace:

Dear friends and fans of HBA:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce my departure from Honor By August. Over the last (almost) two years, I’ve had the time of my life on the road with the guys but it’s come to the point where I cannot give my full attention and energies to furthering the band. I feel that in this critical stage in the band’s development, they need an individual who will be there in full mind and body at every moment. And I sadly am not that person right now in my life.

Some of you know that I’ve been working on my solo project, Rotoscope (www.myspace.com/rotoscope) for many years and also my electronic project, Boboroshi and Kynz (www.myspace.com/boboroshikynz). Both projects have full-length records coming out before the end of the year. I’m also starting a production career with Brian Frederick of Juniper Lane called Borealis Studios.

So I, as my predecessor Joe, will pass the torch to the next person. I will miss every moment on stage and will hold this time close to my heart. I’ll be going away for a while to the studio and performing locally both solo and with Juniper Lane (www.myspace.com/juniperlane). In the words of Bono, it’s “time to go away and dream it all up again…”

I hope to see you in the audience at an HBA show in the future. This time standing next to you as a fan.

Love and Peace -
John Athayde/Kid A

Catch you all on the flip side…

Boboroshi and Kynz Unbearable Bliss Released

!{border:1px solid black;}http://www.boboroshi.com/assets/2007/12/22/bandk_unbearablebliss_cover.jpg (record cover for Boboroshi and Kynz’s Unbearable Bliss LP)!

After many years of writing, recording, mixing, remixing, trashing, rewriting, re-remixing and finally mastering, the first full length record from my electronica project, Boboroshi and Kynz, is available via iTunes (US, Aus/NZ, UK/EU, Japan and Canada), as well as Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, GroupieTunes, Amazon MP3 and Lala.

The track listing is:

  • The Mo(u)rning Song
  • As Good As You
  • Dire Necessity
  • 5am
  • The Vigilance
  • Arpelago
  • Abbreviation
  • Highline
  • Hope
  • Sunset

The record is currently only available for digital download. And now, Kynz and I can return to figuring out what we’re going to do for our next record, which hopefully will take less than the seven years this one did.

SXSW Round Up

!{border:1px solid black;}http://www.boboroshi.com/assets/2008/4/10/sarab_sxsw.jpg (Sara Bareilles at Parish in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2008)!

Way overdue, but I finally have posted my SXSW photos to flickr.

Amy and I gave our panel on the first day of SXSW interactive and it was a blast. It was nice to have it out of the way so we could chill and enjoy the rest of the week. Despite a one day sickness that I warded off (and developed into South By Scurvy upon my return to DC) I was out and about at the conference center and Sixth Street Environs.

Here’s the breakdown of Photos:

SXSW Interactive

SXSW Music

Hotel Café Tour @ Parish

Sara Bareilles @ Parish

Honor by August (my band) at the 7th & Trinity Guitar Hero Stage (photos by our manager Trish on my camera)

and finally, but not least of all, Paramore at La Zona Rosa